Ginger Yums FAQs

Your Yums will last 1-week (7 days) in the refrigerator. Just shake well and enjoy.

There are several ways to get your Yums!

1. Order online. Shipping is availiable in the US.
2. Pre-Order & Pick-up. Pick-up at the The Ginger Room, 61 Roswell St, Alpharetta, GA. Or at The New Black Wallstreet Market, Stonecrest, GA. You MUST pre-order first. Pre-order online and select pickup location.
3. Meet us at an Event! Follow us on Instagram @gingeryums for most up-to-date events, festivals and local markets!
4. Join our Text VIP List: Text YUMS to 31996.

Come and visit us at the Ginger Room. You can pick-up at The Ginger Room Tuesday-Sunday 11am-3pm. You must Pre-order prior to pick-up! 61 Roswell St, Alpharetta, GA 30009

We sure do! Your Ginger Yums Original can come completly sugar-free! We can customize and take the cane sugar out. We don't substitute with artificial sweeters...we don't add it in.

Want completely unsweetened? Try Ginger Yums Original-Vegan. We take out the cane sugar and the honey for one juice that packs a serious ginger punch! Super Pure.

You can drink as much as you like! Many of our customers drink their Yums like you would drink an orange juice. Others, may take a shot (2oz) in the morning or evenings just to get their ginger in!

If your online order arrives damaged please call the HQ immediatly so that we can process your replacement. We must be notified within 12 hours of your package delivery or no replacement will be issued.

Please ship your juice to a physical location where someone will be there to receive it (within 8 hours) upon delivery.

Ginger Yums is a fresh, all natural juice with no preservatives. We ship fresh to order and want you to receive your package with optimal freshness remaining. Our product requires immediate refrigeration upon delivery.

Shipping as a Gift? Please make sure they are notified when their package is arriving.